And all of a sudden, once again, so many thoughts are rushing my mind. Making me go back over a decade. Looking at the changes that I have gone through. The way I have started questioning everything, every feeling that exists. Specially, “That Thing Called LOVE”. I have heard people saying that you fall in love just once. But somewhere, over the years, I have learned, LOVE can happen twice, thrice or ‘n’ number of things.

In fact, today I even doubt existence of the thing called LOVE. It’s vague, something that can’t be described, something that can not be confined within a dictionary or set of words. The meaning of LOVE would differ from person to person. I believe it’s a just a blend of various feelings, the feelings that could actually be felt, like Care, Lust, Respect etc. We can actually count on these things, feel them and I believe for every individual the blend of these feelings makes love. 

Thus, instead of stating bluntly, “I LOVE YOU”, I always prefer expressing myself through these individual feelings. At least I know, what exactly I feel and not just some VAGUE thing called LOVE.
Do feel free to enlighten me with ur comments about what exactly you feel about this “Thing Called LOVE”…



I have started writing this blog without giving any title to it. I think I am gonna give it one, once I have finished penning down my thoughts. Coz at this moment, I am myself confused. Everything around seems to be going wrong. People are running behind issues and things which actually do not effect them in their day-to-day life. Religion, caste, gender, country and much more. Every time, I see that animal instinct among humans all that I have in my mind is “why???”.  

Every human, trying to over-power those who are in minority. Dividing the socitietes in innumerable fractions on basis of any “X” reason; you name it, we have it.

Belonging to a typical Brahmin Family (considered to be superior than the other castes), I never understood this concept of caste all-together. First of all I don’t understand till-date, that why am I superior to others. What have I done to have this privilege???

Now just imagine a situation. I meet a person, talk to him, go out, have lunch, fool around, EVERYTHING like normal humans do. But the moment I get to know that he/she is of a “so-called” lower caste or “GOD-FORGIVE” form a different religion, I should scare him/her off with an offending glare. All the happiness of togetherness , brotherhood should fade away. From that moment on, I should not by any chance, share food or water with him, and sharing his food would be the biggest sin that I can commit !!!
I am not gonna take it“, something I thought when I was a kid. Even at a young age of 5-6, I knew that this whole concept is nothing but a stupidity. Having beliefs is good, but challenging others on their beliefs, offending them, looking down on them is something I never understood. Moreover, this is not even about belief, it’s just about ur “mother’s womb”. The person carrying you within her for 9 long months. Just the caste of that person defines ur identity or even more, the caste of the MAN, whose DNA you carry within urself, defines it. I mean why it can’t be like just me, the person who was born? Why am I imposed with the beliefs of my forefathers?

Why can’t I experience and learn ? Why is it that the day I am born, I am told that I am a proud child of a ‘Brahmin’ family ? Why can I not be, simply the ‘child of my beloved parents’? Why can’t I just be a “RATIONAL BEING” ?????

The Reason

I was just browsing through the various available apps (for time pass 😉) on “Play Store”, when I saw the App “WordPress”. Have heard a lot about blogging and this site. I always wanted to write and express. The Rational thoughts. Some thoughts which I believe are the basic of any religion, caste, country or gender. Some things which can not be taught, but a RATIONAL human mind should understand. So . . . here it begins . . .